Travel advice because of the swine flu

On this page we will inform you about the latest Travel Tips:

Many tour operators to ensure an easy to cancel your trip. Please check before departure to their organizers, whether for example, flights to Mexico or the United States, are canceled. The relevant Foreign Office may have a recommendation for you.



All measures are used to the worldwide spread of the flu virus and thus stop a pandemic be prevented. Please understand.


Restriction because of the swine flu

Please expect a qualified sense of the air traffic on airports. Both security procedures are lifted up abroad like also with us in the inland. Here some examples:

Entrants from Mexico and the USA are checked at the inhabitant of Frankfurt (Main) airport if you show suspicious health symptoms.

Air travellers pass through increased security checks in China. Temperature scanners are used. Whoever shows an increased body temperature is examined.

Tourists are asked in Indonesia to carry face-mask after arrival in the country the first 3 days.

These and further measures serve to hold back the worldwide spreading of the influenza virus and to check the pandemic with that. Please understand it.

There are warnings, this this, travelers are stopped at the Bulgarian border and shall present a doctor's certificate they are vaccinated. On non-presentation a fine threatens and a vaccination with costs is offered. The Bulgarian embassy has designed a Certificate to this which you can present at the Bulgarian border. This is, in it the procedure isn't lawful.

swine flu in other languages

Many countries in the world have their checks at airports and borders because of the swine flu worse. To help you when abroad understand why controls are being implemented, we give you a list, such as the current influenza A/H1N1 virus in the country is called. Write down the word and then note any signs:

African: Varkgriep
Arabic: إنفلونزا الخنازير
Azeri: Donuz qripi
Bengali: সোয়াইন ইনফ্লুয়েঞ্জা
Czech: Chřipka prasat
Danish: Svineinfluenza
Greek: Γρίπη των χοίρων
English: Swine influenza
esperanto: Porka gripo
Spanish: Gripe porcina
Persian: آنفلوآنزای خوکی
Finnish: Sikainfluenssa
French: Grippe porcine
Hebrew: שפעת החזירים
hindi: शूकर इंफ्लुएंजा
Hungarian: Sertésinfluenza
Indonesian: Flu babi
Icelandic: Svínaflensa
Italian: Influenza suina
Japanese: 豚インフルエンザ
Javanese: Flu babi
Georgian: ღორის გრიპი
Korean: 돼지 인플루엔자
Latin: Influentia porcina
Laotian: ໄຂ້ຫວັດຫມູ
Lithuanian: Kiaulių gripas
Latvian: Cūku gripa
Macedonian: Свински грип
malajalam: പന്നിപ്പനി
Marathi: स्वाइन इन्फ्लूएन्झा
Malayalam: Selesema babi
netherlands: Varkensgriep
Norwegian: Svineinfluensa
Polish: Świńska grypa
Portuguese: Gripe suína
Russian: Свиной грипп
Slovak: Chrípka ošípaných
Slovenian: Prašičja gripa
Serbian: Свињски грип
Swedish: Svininfluensa
Tamil: பன்றிக் காய்ச்சல்
thai: ไข้หวัดใหญ่ในสุกร
tagalog:Trangkasong baboy
Turkish: Domuz gribi
Ukrainian: Грип свинячий
urdu: Swine influenza
Vietnamese: Cúm lợn
Yiddish: חזיר גריפע
Chinese: 豬流感

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