10 tips for swine influenza

On this page you will find 10 answers to questions raised on swine flu often occur:


Who is most at risk?

All! But particularly young people. Where the known influenza flu every year, particularly children and old people, meets the H1N1 virus, particularly among young people aged between 25-40. This phenomenon is currently not yet approved by the scientists explained. It is conceivable that older people have enough antibodies to other virus strains, and therefore not the main category of sufferers belong.

Can you travel to crisis areas?

Wait provisionally from! If you do not necessarily need to see in the next period of travel in the vulnerable areas. This includes the light of the global dissemination of not only Mexico. You can find more in our travel advice.



Can you vaccinated against swine flu ?

Not yet! Currently, no vaccine against the rampant A/H1N1-Virus available. However, an existing flu protection the disease symptoms of this virus clearly set down. Conventional vaccines include protection against related viral species. It is assumed that an infection is therefore much weaker will be lost.

see here more information to vaccination

Are there drugs?

Yes! While there is still no effective flu protection. There but 2 drugs, the very course of infection and mitigate to a faster healing contribute. They are also opposed to the usual flu administered. However, the medication you should always let your doctor. He must first clear the symptoms of influenza as a pig and will identify you with positive findings on a prescription issued:

  • Tamiflu - Neuraminidase inhibitors oseltamivir also called
  • Relenza - also known as zanamivir
Infected think about eating pork?

This is not yet finally resolved! The virus was detected in the 1930s first demonstrated in pigs (see swine flu virus information). The current agent is a mutation of the former pig virus. The original virus found in pigs to humans was not contagious. If you still are unsure, avoid them on raw pork ham and cook / fry your pork in more than 72 ° C. Then, the pathogen that has no chance of survival.


Do you wear mouth guards?

Noch nicht! Erst wenn die WHO die Alarm-Phase 5 und 6 einer Pandemie herausgibt, sollte man sich durch Mundschutz schützen (Infos dazu unter Pandemie). Bis dahin können Sie die üblichen Schutzmaßnahmen für Grippe erreichen:

  • Große Menschenansammlungen meiden
  • auf Händeschütteln verzichten
  • häufig am Tag Hände waschen
  • Erkrankte Personen meiden
  • nichts anfassen und niemand treffen, wenn Sie selbst erkrankt sind
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