Risk of infection with swine influenza

On this page you will find information about the risk of infection with the swine flu:

So you are infected
Droplet infection

The virus transmits itself through fine droplets. Since he is taking over the airways, ie droplets from the nose and pharynx dangerous.

So there may be a contagion to come when you talk with people (in respiratory droplets), or when infected people sneeze or cough here and there in the area. Since microscopic quantities sufficient to recommend it to people gathering in vulnerable areas to avoid and, failing to wear mouth guards.

Smear infection

The virus survives well for some time outside the human body (see virus H1N1). You can also get it where you shake the hand of infected persons or touch objects  that have touched infected. Then whisks you through your own face, has allowed the pathogen to its new "host" done. So always wash your hands and no one's hand shake

So you are not infected
Contact with pigs

The virus is currently rampant in pigs called flu, but with pigs has nothing more to do. He is a Mutant from pig, bird and human virus. Flu pathogen, the pigs within themselves, have no connection with the A/H1N1 to do, are not transferable to humans and not contagious. Contact with pigs may therefore be classified as harmless. Wash hands is of course a matter of course after contact with pigs.

Consumption of pork

Pigs are not the current rage virus A/H1N1 in itself. Therefore, without the pork consumed in mind. A fortiori, if it is over 72 ° C was heated. At this temperature the pathogen dies. Avoid in cases of doubt, raw ham.

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