Protection against swine flu

On this page you will find an overview of all the safeguards that you respect the pig flu can take.

1. Keep calm

The pigs of influenza experts is no more dangerous than a normal flu evaluated. So far, statistically, of 1,000 people infected only 1 person died. That is less, such as the annual flu season. Beware So before artificial panic Mache!

2. report Symptoms immediately

If you have symptoms of the flu in pigs to determine (see symptoms), contact your doctor immediately. This will take the necessary tests and the necessary authorities circumspect. You can get medication for a few days and a hospital stay, so as not to endanger other people. If the flu is easily, they can also quarantined at home. Warning: Partial runs without the flu symptoms. Still wears the H1N1 virus in itself and can infect others. So if you are in the immediate environment (family or friends) a case of swine flu have one, you also see the doctor.

3. Avoid crowds

The virus transmits from human to human. That is why people avoid major accumulations. Go, for example, only 1x a week shopping. Inform your local media, if public buildings remain closed. In our news  also keeps you current on developments to date

4. Frequently wash your hands on the day

Since the virus outside of human beings can survive for several hours (see virus), please wash your hands several times a day, after the contact with door handles, trolley, stair railings ... short articles, which affects other people might have had. Avoid clicking on a handshake as a greeting. Let's hands as possible from the face. The following movie makes them aware of how easily pathogens in their hands can reach. You'll be amazed! Washing hands helps.

5. Mouth protection and gloves
When such a measure is necessary, see your local media. But yes, the agent transmits A/H1N1 by droplets. You can help protect your mouth, as well as disposable rubber gloves. We recommend the purchase through a pharmacy. It is expected that unscrupulous traders will soon totally excessive prices for these products will require.
6. Avoid unnecessary flights

Avoid flights abroad. Mexico, Canada, USA and Australia are particularly affected. Other regions in the coming months, many cases reported. Please see our current list of all countries with swine flu. Speak to your tour operator to ask. Most have either been canceled flights or cancellations to offer free. Your tour also knows the current travel restrictions by governments.

7. Protection maintained

Dont use drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza without speaking with a doctor. Also do not precautionary, because you are not on the persons belonging to the vaccinated. This allows the effectiveness of two drugs and reduce the worst case scenario is you do not help. Only your doctor can prescribe the medication. Also caution against unscrupulous traders, the spam e-mails these drugs entirely overpriced offering. Here you will certainly lose money and at worst, your health, if the funds offered Immitate are adulterated. Pay Attention

8. True cough

As children, we have learned: "hand in front of their mouths when coughing." But then they all viruses by the hand and distribute them more easily. So please cough in their sleeves.

9. Anyone who is ill, is in bed

If you feel sick, please go to the doctor and the next is no longer among men. They are an infection risk to others. The work can sometimes lie. The worst evil is quite sure if many people are infected by you. Couriers you are correct.

10. often open windows for fresh air

If there are viruses in closed spaces, they are also easier to reach the people in it. So often and a lot of windows and ventilation.

The information on this side is from press agencies and information sides from the Internet. Therefore we don't assume any liability for the correctness of the details. You should have troubles, consult you for her doctor in every case.