Pandemic due to swine flu

On this page you will find information on the pandemic caused by the swine flu has been triggered.

Definition of pandemic

From a pandemic is when all the world's people in all age strata of an infection are affected. In contrast to an epidemic is a local event

Danger 2009

The current rampant swine flu has the following reasons the stuff to cause this worldwide infection. There are two factors:

1. the rapid multiplication by 100,000 new viruses in the shortest possible time (see swine flu virus)

2. international air traffic of our modern times

The WHO (World Health Organization) divides a pandemic into 6 phases. Level 6 is achieved, this is called a pandemic. The phases are divided as follows:






6 phases of the WHO pandemic plan

Phase 1:

Scientists have a new virus subtype detected in animals, but there is no danger to humans.

Phase 2:

It was a new virus subtype detected in animals, as potentially dangerous to humans must be evaluated.

Phase 3 =Start the Alert phase :

Some people have been infected animals. Nevertheless, there is no transmission from human to human. If so, then only in very rare cases and then only with close contact of infected people.

Phase 4:

There are small, local accumulations of infections with a single infection from person to person. The low incidence suggests that the virus is not well adapted to humans.

Phase 5 =Substantial pandemic risk:

Large number of infections from person to person, but still isolated (not Flächendeckend). The virus is better adapted but not yet fully transferable.

Phase 6 = Beginning of the pandemic:

Growing, nationwide and especially persistent infection and transmission from person to person in the entire world population.

News (11.6.2009), the WHO level 6 was issued.

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