Swine Flu in United Kingdom

On this page you will find information on the spread of swine flu in United Kingdom. It includes data from England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. Also included are the islands: Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. In our chart, you can pursue with the development. Below read the most important key data of the swine flu.

Current figures on the swine flu

Date: 30.07.2009
Infected: 11.159
Deaths: 30

Swine Flu United Kingdom

Data on swine flu in United Kingdom

After 3 months, already more than 10,000 cases

Juli 21, 2009: After 3 months of swine flu in Britain, the authorities are counting 10,649 cases. The real figure is a lot higher.

No more holy, no supper

Juli 17, 2009: The Bishop of Chelmsford, John Gladwin, wrote to priests in the East County of Essex an urgent request. In times of swine flu Holy Mass in the church need to be modified. To meet the rapid spread of the swine flu to halt, it is at the beginning of the holy Mass, in which the faithful dip their fingers before they crucify, omitted. This water is normally quick to source of infection for all attendees. Furthermore, community members are not infected with the other drink from a cup. The host in this case would completely suffice. If priests to ministry would set up interviews, they should wear mouth guards and apron.

After 2 months almost 3.000 cases of Swine Flu

June 24, 2009: After only 2 months, since the first case in the United Kingdom, the authorities reported 2,905 cases.

The first fatality of the swine flu in Britain

June 15, 2009: The 8th Week, since the outbreak of swine flu on 24 April, begins with a sad message: In Europe, led to the first death by swine flu. It concerns a 38 year old woman from Great Britain who are still on 1 June, one child had brought to the world. The child was due to the swine flu infection to his mother to early to the world. It is not infected. The mother previously had health problems. She was one of 10 patients at the hospital of Paisley, Scotland (near Glasgow) for swine flu has been treated.

Britain announces 1,000 cases

June 13, 2009: For the first time a European country reports more like 1000 Infected: It is the UK with 1121 cases. From now explode the figures and are no longer to stop.

After 1 month there are 137 cases counted

Mai 26, 2009: After 4 weeks, the number of swine flu infection in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland has increased to 137.

The first 100 cases after 3 weeks

Mai 19, 2009: Very fast spreading swine flu in the United Kingdom. After 3 weeks the authorities are counting 102 cases.

First case of swine influenza is known

April 28, 2009: 5 days after the swine flu in Mexico was first announced, reports the UK the first 2 infections.

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