Glossary of key terms

On this page we collect for you the important terms which are repeatedly associated with the swine flu identified. If you find a term, please contact us via the contact form.


The H1N1 virus can be particularly easy in human body cells. 1930 was the first detection of the H1N1 virus in pigs, which is why it triggered by infection also commonly referred to as porcine influenza is designated.


During an epidemic, including disease, the disease (mainly infectious diseases) and also localized temporally limited.


The H1N1 virus is the trigger at the time of Mexico outgoing called swine flu.


Influenza, also known as "real flu", is caused by viruses of type A or B is triggered. Not only humans but also other mammals and birds can contract this disease. In the vernacular, a flu infection often referred to as "flu" means. The course of true influenza is not as harmless as that of the flu infections.

pandemic disease

Worldwide infection across countries with a pathogen (virus or bacterium)

Pandemic Plan

Is a 6-stage model of the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat pandemics and corruption. Depending on the stage, authorities instructed.


Flu-Central, which is effective against viruses HxNx variety helps. It is used in the annual flu waves used. The reference is Prescription. Unkonktrollierte revenue is effective in an emergency case evaporate.

Russische Grippe

Epedemie 1977-1978 in Russland durch H1N1-Virus, bei der 700.000 Menschen starben.

Spanische Grippe

Pandemie 1918 - 1920 durch einen H1N1-Virus, der mit dem jetzigen verwandt war. Dabei starben geschätze 50 Millionen Menschen weltweit.


Tamiflu wird zur Behandlung der "Echten", durch Influenza-A- oder Influenza-B-Viren ausgelösten Virusgrippe eingesetzt. 

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