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Dead bodies by pig flu in Egypt

10.02.2014 - After Mexico, the swine flu has arrived in Egypt. There should have died from infection with the swine flu virus since December 38 people. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health in 1300 patients had to jack because of the infection with the swine flu pathogen to be treated. Thus, the number of patients has risen dramatically within a few days.

2009 were slaughtered because of the outbreak of the pig flu pandemic over 300,000 pigs in Egypt. Since 2010, the swine flu pandemic is officially declared over.

Swine flu in Spain

15.01.2014 - As international media can be seen, there should have been cases of swine flu infections increased in Spain. Around 50 people are said to have been infected with the H1N1 virus. 2 Patients should be because even died. 20 of the victims had to be treated in the ICU. Sufferers should be all been without influenza vaccination.

2010, the swine flu epidemic was declared by the WHO official for Finished.


Influenza vaccination

22.01.2014 - As always at the beginning of the winter season , the question arises , flu shot or not. In making this decision , no one can help you. But we can give you a few facts along the way that can help you decide for or against the flu shot .
The influenza season 2012/2013 was an unusually long-lasting flu season , all 19 weeks . In addition, there were 7.7 million visits to the doctor , who had influenza- related. Only in the influenza season 2004/2005 the number was higher. Besides, no one can say how goes the flu .
The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO ) recommends the flu shot , especially for people who have a lot to do with people , for older people aged 60 and over , pregnant women and people with pre-existing conditions . Also this year is again a drug against swine flu in the current vaccines contain .

In addition to the flu shot , you should also pay particular attention to Hygenie , frequent hand washing, sneezing into the crook of his arm and never coughed someone directly . All this helps to prevent a flu infection .

Pig flu dead man now also in Palestine

21.01.2013 - Pig flu cases is reported to also from Palestine now. The authorities report that 21 people have died of the pig influenza virus. Having been infected over 600 with the pig flu. There shall be ones of dead bodies in the Gaza Strip and 30 people with pig flu. 

Pig flu dead man also in Poland

07.01.2013 - Dead bodies also report the media by the pig flu in Poland. According to the media 3 people aan already shall this have H1N1 virus died. Another 13 patients shall be treated in a clinic in Bielsko Biala against the pig flu virus. Hospitals concerned were already isolated and turned off to prevent a spreading of the pig flu. 

2 dead bodies by pig flu in China

07.01.2013 - Died for two women into now in Beijing of the pig flu virus H1N1. As the director of the epidemic office informed, the wave of influenza is on a highlight. For 5 years the numbers of the people infected with flu have been no longer so high. The pig influenza virus H1N1 is also the predominant flu tribe in this flu season.

Pig flu cases also in Prague

02.01.2013 - How the Prague university clinical complex informed now two patients have lain on the intensive care unit with pig flu since shortly before Christmas. The condition of the two patients shall be very serious and be complicated by pneumonias in addition. A hospital speaker warns but with a panic, in the course of the year 2012 it has happened again and again, that patients had to be treated with pig flu. 

Pig flu in France

28.12.2012 - Reports that 35 people have fallen ill with the pig flu there come also from France. Patients and staff are affected by the pig flu in a rehabilitation clinic. The fallen ill were isolated and members asked to get in touch with the first flu symptoms. The French health authorities report that the situation is under control. 

Pig Flu in Palästine

28.12.2012 - The pig flu virus H1N1 has appeared in Palestinian West Bank again. Last week 3 people have died of the pig flu and 40 sick persons had to be treated. WHO was informed about these cases but the appearance of the pig flu H1N1 isn't unusual since in the year 2009 of the pathogenes H1N1 was represented so strongly in the whole world. Is again for the pig flu of fallen ill on the way of the recovery most. Unfortunately, the pig flu for 3 of the fallen ill became the fatal virus. There is a pregnant woman also under the deceaseds.

The pig flu epidemic was classified as pandemic in 2010. 

H1N1 also 2010/2011 again prior-ranking one virus

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 - "The international health organizations assume that the influenza A virus (H1N1 2009) will circulate and probably dominate also in the coming season" as said by Dr. Ursula Muchow, leader of the circle public health department Herford. One always wins knowledge respectively of the other earth hemisphere which oppositely experiences the winter and sends empirical values to our summer. Here one watches the dominance of the swine flu particularly from New Zealand currently. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Neue Westfälische)

At present, New Zealand is experiencing swine flu wave

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 - 10 people are this winter (in New Zealand is straight winters) of swine flu died of meanwhile.  What loud authority details. This one is therefore H1N1 in the country of the most frequent happening virus currently. 500 people had to be treated stationarily already. 16 even on the intensive care unit. The vaccine stocks go out currently. 35,000 new doses shall be ordered now. WHO had declared the swine flu pandemic ended 3 weeks ago. The flu is in her final stages. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: AFP)

81 million Brazilians vaccinated against swine flu

Monday, June 21, 2010 - Germany has 81.8 million inhabitants. This crowd has been vaccinated against swine flu to people in Brazil by now. The greatest vaccinating campaign is going on since March. 92 million people were called upon for the free vaccination at that time. The numbers show our initiative the great success ". It is " the greatest vaccinating campaign which was carried out worldwide the Minister of Health explained José Gomes Temporão proudly. The country is free of an epidemic of the "new flu" now. Since the beginning of the year 609 stationar still had to be treated because of H1N1 in Brazil. 74 people died. The Minister of Health wants to advertise the vaccination more and more with pregnant women, children between 2 and 5 years and adults within the next weeks again. The target rate of the vaccination of 80% wasn't reached yet here. For comparison purposes: 6% of the population could be vaccinated in Germany just once. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Brasilienmagazin)

Swine flu rages in Colombia

Monday, June 14, 2010 - „Lives longer thought deadly“ –this also seems to apply to the H1N1 pathogene of the swine flu. While nobody else was infected in Germany already for a long time and even the European epidemic control center stopped his efforts to the swine flu, the Colombian authorities beat alarm. Within the last two weeks a rapid increase in the new flu was registered in the South American country. One had registered 2-3 cases per week only last. It is now 10th. 3 people already died after-whitishly of the H1N1 pathogene. There is winter in Colombia at the moment. There was the same situation in 2009. The influenza virus transferred fast himself by travelers from South America to Spain. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: comprendes-grancanaria)

WHO denies reproaches

Monday, June 14, 2010 - WHO got into the criticism last week after British journalists had laid the table this employees of WHO suited GSK and Roche also on payrolls of the pharmaceutical companies. WHO boss Margaret Chan raised her vote against these reproaches now and said: „Commercial interests have come me into the meaning at my decisions at no time, not for a second“At present, the work of WHO of a 29-headed expert committee is. examined on inconsistencies. There shall exist the result next year. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Offenbacher Post)

Dominican Republic: 4 million will be vaccinated

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - The department for health of the Dominican Republic which one will vaccinate for 4 million people against swine flu explained in Santo Domingo. Under this also 2 million schoolchildren. In addition, the combination vaccination contains components against measles, Diphterie and poliomyelitis . The vaccination still shall be finished before the upcoming school vacation. (Text: © kiwi vision, data:

Swine flu comes back

Friday, April 23, 2010 - "The EU epidemic authority ECDC regards it as probable that the H1N1 viruses will be predominant in the coming season". This confirmed the Paul Ehrlich Iinstitute (PEI).
It is ruled out, however, it, this find the other 28 million vaccinating doses in the next influenza virus vaccination use. "Pandemrix ® cannot be installed into the vaccine against the ordinary flu", emphasized Susanne Stöcker of it for PEI. This is a ready vaccine which couldn't be built back into single components. However, this is, right the next influenza virus vaccine against the seasonal flu components against influenza viruses the type B, H3N2 and flat will contain swine flu H1N1. This is produced, however, completely newly. Swine flu vaccines is offered to paralell nevertheless the left.
Possible becomes, however, urgently a registration. Then namely, if WHO doesn't declare the swine flu as a pandemic longer. Experts don't expect any problems, however, in the field of a registration since the vaccine would have proved itself.
. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Ärzte zeitung)

WHO report to the swine flu in May 2011

Friday, April 16, 2010 - For 3 days 29 scientists had exchanged themselves about dealing with the swine flu on the part of WHO. A report shall be presented to the world public until May 2011 now the chairman of the group, professor explained Harvey Fineberg. Year spares this in May the WHO general meeting receives an interim report. WHO chairwoman Margaret Chan explained. We want to know what ran well ". We want to know, what went wrong and ideally why ". Approx. 17,500 deaths were proved by swine flu worldwide till now. Even if all cases weren't checked laboratory technically and the number of unrecorded cases of the victims more high lies, she stays nevertheless behind the forecasts of WHO with several millions of dead bodies so.  (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Ärztezeitung)

Internet guilty of rejection of the H1N1 vaccination

Friday, April 16, 2010 - According to the earlier WHO manager flu pandemics, David Heymann, the Internet is to blame for the rejection of the swine flu vaccination. He stated this at the conference of WHO in Geneva at which it has been about dealing with the swine flu since Monday. The Internet is a "new factor" for the communication on international health matters. Social networks, like Facebook or news services, like Twitter, spread terrifically information fast. Every sound and slippery can opinions give into blogs. Rumors produced this way are hard to blot out again. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: AFP)

Flu vaccination makes more susceptible to swine flu

Friday, April 9, 2010 - With swine flu the seasonal influenza virus vaccination favors a later infection this, confirm four studies independent of each other. The suspicion for this risk situation arose for the first time in spring 2009. There was more seeming flu cases at a Canadian school at that time. Later confirmed themselves, this children who had been vaccinated before against flu primarily fell ill. 2,700 participants played a part in the studies having been carried out now. All studies confirmed, this the risk of falling ill with swine flu is increased around 1.03 up to 2.74-fold. The illness worse, however, doesn't go. WHO has recommended producing a vaccine now against the seasonal flu which also contains an active agent against H1N1. So one is protected against both. Text (© kiwi vision, data: Süddeutsche)

The USA: Once more increase at swine flu cases

Thursday, April 1, 2010 - The newspaper Bild notifies cases of an increase in swine flu in some federal states of the USA and refers to the national center for illnesses and prevention (CDC). The hospital deliveries had therefore gone back due to the H1N1 pathogene on zero in January. They, however, rose on 40 cases per week in February again. This sounds little, is, however, worrying after the quiet in January. Primarily concerned is the federal states Georgia. It already came to renewed deaths here. Concerned for primarily people by it with pre-illnesses. The states of Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia also report locally increases. The CDC talks about a worrying increase in obstinate flu cases and calls for the vaccination once more. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: picture newspaper)

Obese and pregnant women were endangered particularly at the swine flu

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - Researchers the MedUni Vienna have evaluated data of the swine flu. Clear, this showed ourselves of you had to treat over 35 stationarily considerably more frequently adipose people with a body stocking measure of index. You made up for example 28.6% in Australia and New Zealand while slim people were represented with only 5.3%. The main risk has therefore been obesity, course of the swine flu to experience a heavy one to killing lichen. Pregnant women were the second risk group. Cases examined of 63,000 in Mexico warn 9% pregnant, 6% mothers obesely after the delivery and above 50%. One found this number distribution again in all countries of the earth. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: ORF)

Renewed auxiliary delivery for North Korea

Thursday, February 25, 2010 - South Korea has sent another shipment to the quarreling north. After a first delivery in December which it primarily was the flu means Tamiflu a truck went with disinfectant about the strictly guarded limit now. The value of the cargo load amounts to a billion Won (almost 640 000 euros). North Korea reported 9 infections and no deaths till now. Private relief organizations talk, however, about far more cases. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Ärztezeitung)

The USA: At the end of the swine flu with 11,600 deaths

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - The US American center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed which seems the swine flu come also in the USA. A final report falls seriously since the exact count was already on 23 given up July. The epidemic didn't have to be held back any more. Appreciate the authority so - only 1 case of 73 was noticed and even at the exact count. Since this they only were still testing in 62 districts and projections then making for the entire country. These estimates start out from 9,339 to 17,160 dead bodies. The mean average value (11,690) is called official. 3 x are less dead bodies, as in the case of the seasonal flu at which up to 36,000 Americans otherwise die, this. The age distribution is also divergent. Wärend at the seasonal flu to 90% it dies, was only 1,480 persons at the swine flu over 65-year. For this but 8,980 people in the age fit for work and 1,230 children and teenagers less than 18 years. The CDC in conclusion values the hospital treatments at 57 million Americans because of H1N1 on 257,000 cases and the number of the infected. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Ärzteblatt)

Switzerland and England end the swine flu

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - The Federal Office of health goes over again to normal work in Switzerland. The swine flu was declared ended. The pandemic measures stopped. Zuletzte had gone back the numbers of the new illnesses week by week. Approx. 1.3 million people let themselves be vaccinated against H1N1 in Switzerland. This corresponds to approximately so many people be able to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu every year like himself. this is estimated, 1 to 1.5 million people with the virus into touch came. A doctor was gone to 270.000 times. 561 people must because of heavier courses to the hospital. 18 Swiss died. "We lift the crisis measures and return to the normal functioning", said Virginie Masserey, leader of the department vaccinations. Also England declared the pandemic ended officially. (Text: © kiwi vision, data:

Costa Rica: Coercive vaccination?

Monday, February 8, 2010 - According to unconfirmed information web reports that almost all people shall be vaccinated against the swine flu in the context of a coercive vaccination in Costa Rica (4 million inhabitants). 1.6 million vaccinating doses are available. Producer is the French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis. The secretary for health Luisa Ávila shall have vaccinated a 27-year-old pregnant woman and have given the starting signal with that in front of a running camera. Only people with mercury or protein sensitization are excluded from the campaign. The government threatens in a government decree with even authority of the state if somebody refuses himself. It is called in it: The vaccination is obligatorily ". The population has to go to the clinical complexes. We soften first calls shall be vaccinated as a matter of priority to those, these to this. If they don't come voluntarily to us, we will look for them. You adapt yourself our officials to door on door visit in this case. We don't claim to be got to have to use police force to transport the people in medical centers but we to have a right to it into situations ". Only 1,596 people were infected with swine flu in Costa Rica till now and 47 died. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Polskaweb)

WHO: Pandemic proclamation was right

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - WHO stays with it, that the pandemic wasn't an invention in the case of the swine flu. The alarm is is carried out. This explained the organization in Geneva. The advisers of the pharmaceutical industry hadn't influenced unreasonably. These would prevent control mechanisms. The reproach, the pandemic has been only an invention to make high profits possible for the pharmaceutical industry, is "scientifically wrongly and historically improper" as said by WHO. The procedure is topic in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg at the swine flu today. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: ORF)

Slight increase at swine flu cases

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - The ECDC in Stockholm reports amplified H1N1 activities in Austria, Lithuania and the Slovakei. Whether this is the beginning of the third wave cannot be said exactly yet. The 3rd KW, however, died in renewed in the EU's 162 people, 14 more, as in the previous week. The strongest virus activities still draw Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria . (Text: © kiwi vision, data: ECDC)

Swine flu viruses mutated in the circulation

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - It the cases accumulate mutated swine flu viruses of infections proceeding fatally. Keiji Fukuda of WHO said to it: Whether these mutations indicate that a fundamental change of the virus in circulation takes place is the question " - whether there is a turn with respect to the heaviness of the course of a disease to the bad " now. Sino European BioTechnology AG has started with the research to the mutated viruses in the meantime. One wants to develop a vaccine which is effective also against mutations of H1N1. This is only effectively Pandemrix used at the moment against viruses which correspond to the main tribe. (Text: © kiwi vision, data:

Mexico: swine flu vaccination in the subway

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - To persuade still more people of a vaccination against the swine flu, one goes in Mexico city of unusual ways. The vaccinating centers can be found there where the people are. The vaccination is offered against swine flu in 26 busiest subway stations. The supply shall be expanded also on the markets of the town this week. This had spread out of H1N1 virus to the whole world from Mexico in April 2009. It is a professed aim of the authorities to vaccinate 24 million Mexicans until March. 30 million doses are ordered. The swine flu has claimed 70,000 cases of illness and 931 dead bodies in Mexico. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: AP)

No all clear of official places

Monday, January 11, 2010 - Furthermore the German permanent vaccinating committee (STIKO) in the RKI demands the population for the vaccination against the swine flu. The U.S. epidemic control center also does this. One refers here to the winter 1957. One had given all clear after a first big wave at that time and the flu then came back dead man bringing in March. Although the swine flu proceeds only 25% so fatally, as the flu 1957 in the USA. One nevertheless adheres to the vaccinating recommendation. Only 60 million people have let themselves be vaccinated in the USA. Vaccines are available for 136 million. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: Heise)

Swine flu is less contagious as suspected

Thursday, January 7, 2010 - Researchers of the U.S. epidemic control center CDC have watched the swine flu together with experts of the imperial college in London. 200 households were basis with over 800 residents. In every household at first one person was infected with H1N1. The practicing quick end: No further person put herself on to the household community with H1N1 in 72%. In 21% of the cases another person. In 6% the cases' another at least two residents. One cannot describe the swine flu as a very contagious therefore. The experts, however, filled, which minors more frequently incline to this also to infect himself. Well, this are background older people would have a natural immunity from previous flu illnesses. Some viruses are very similar to the H1N1 virus and the immune system can therefore react. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: university cosmos)

only little seasonal influenza

Monday, January 4, 2010 - "At present, whoever has a flu has a swine flu", this statement made the American health authorities CDC. At most samples of people with flu examined laboratory technically swine flu viruses were diagnosed. The viruses hardly got H3N2, the seasonal flu stated of the tribe. The CDC evaluated data from Europe, China, the USA, Canada and Japan. More H3N2 viruses of the saisonlaen flu appeared only in China. It is certain with that that the swine flu has replaced the seasonal flu. (Text: © kiwi vision, data: ärzte zeitung online)

Swine flu is harmless flu

Friday, December 11, 2009 - The British Department of Health has determined a death rate at the swine flu of 0.026%. The 138 British deaths found influence on the result with respect to the registered infection numbers up to 11-8-2009. One for comparison purposes mentions a death rate of 2 to 3% in the year 1918 at the Spanish flu. It was a H1N1 virus also at that time which worldwide registered large portions of the population. But also the death rate was at 0.2% and thus clear in a bad flu year, like 1967/68 above the values 2009. The British Department of Health in this respect came to the end that the swine flu therefore comes rather mildly and harmlessly. (Text: kiwi vision, data: Swiss television)

North Korea confirms for the first time cases of swine flu

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - Flu is virus in the capital Pyongyang and in Sinuiju proved the been according to information of the state news agency KCNA which refers to the Department of Health. The responsible organ "improves" the system of the quarantine against the distribution of this influenza virus further while the prevention and the medical treatment are further done it was called in the report. Deaths weren't confirmed. The buddistische relief organization "Good Friends" talked, however, about a dozen of dead bodies in North Korea. Furthermore the relief organization knew, this there is hardly medicine in isolated North Korea, why the country is delivered to the swine flu almost defenselessly. (Text: kiwi vision, data: Ärzte zeitung, n- TV)


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